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Anonymous pondered: Hey what are The Three Kings, The Midnight Man Game, Four Corners Game, and the Telephone Box Game? I thought Four Corners was a children's school game?

Oooooh anon I made that post so long ago I can’t remember!

Let me pull up some links….

The Three Kings

The Midnight Man

Four Corners Game

Telephone Box Game

DO NOT ATTEMPT THESE PLEASE. These could be very dangerous (I’m too chicken to try them) so please don’t mess around to do this.

Anonymous pondered: I like your blog

Awwww, thank you!

It means a lot!!!

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My feet fucking hurt, my eyes sting like crazy, and I’m cranky as hell.

Band camp.

Gotta love it. 

On the bright side, I got my computer back!

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セレニティ by honghong on pixiv

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are you ever about to google something that just brings you physical shame so you type as little of it as you can and hope google autofills it

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Ice Bucket Challenge Supernatural Cast.


Osric Chau [x]

Mark Sheppard [x] [x] 

Misha Collins [x]

Jared Padalecki [x]


Hey Crime Writers - don’t just have your detectives say bland things like “the fingerprints matched” - use correct terminology and make your writing precise. Here’s a cool little fingerprint chart to get you started.

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I love that you can clearly see Evans go “SHIT” and Stan go “WOW” and Scarlett definitely reacts, but then plays it off like it’s no big deal. 

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Misha takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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